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Tonight's menu covers a multitude of sin.

Cannibal Parade

Don't drink that. It went off three weeks ago.


Hi, I'm Froggie.

I work at McDonald's. I like hugs and kisses. My favourite colour is purple. My favourite shape is a spiral. Most of my favourite words begin with the letter 'A', but it isn't my favourite letter. My favourite music is industrial. My favourite film is horror. My favourite sharp object is a needle. My hair has been every colour in the rainbow, and is currently blue on the sides with black down the middle and a black fringe. Blood is fun. I often wonder what human tastes like. My favourite animal is an octopus. I'm a little bit odd.

I have three important guys in my life.

My bessfren Benji.

My amazing fiance Eddie.

And my pupup Rambo. He's the spazzy one, and that's his mum next to him.

I'm an INFJ, which actually turned out to be suprisingly accurate.

I moderate the community emilie_stills. It is absolutely amazing and we're always looking for new members. If you're an Emilie Autumn fan or just like making icons, check it out!

Oh. Also.

Play some snake, foo'!

Snake made by Neave Games

In the name of addiction, cadaver love song
If your needin' a villain, baby I’m your blonde
either sour upon wings of light or slither down low
I am all things to all men, As long as I get the dough
let’s make a new myth out of you
let’s keep a souvenir, like your tattoo
my hands are heading south, getting vicious
your body in my mouth, Devilicious.

In the name of the flesh, name of debauchery
twisted majik in black laced tied all over me
tonight’s menu covers a multitude of sin
don’t think I am an Angel, just because I have wings
loving that organ baby, and not you
watching your black lips turn pale blue
paint on lacquer smooth glide feeling ambitious
your body in my mouth, Devilicious.

For love and devour, I want your sleaze
you bring all the self loathing, out in me
sexual digestion runth into thine cup
there’s a god in us all, and she’s so fucked up
don’t think with your head, think with your meat
I like to get naked before I eat
using your flash to make a façade pure malicious
your body in my mouth, Devilicious.
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